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About Us

Nardei Since 1963

Nardei has been prefabricating industrial piping since 1963, and today is one of Canada's leading companies in this industry.

Nardei...stands for advanced technology, solid experience and large-scale execution.

When the subject is prefabricated industrial can count on Nardei.

Many large companies have done so.

Next time... include the name Nardei in your plans. You'll like what we can do for you.

Nardei Competence

Nardei provides superior workmanship; we implement highly specialized and time tested fabrication techniques.

In effect, every length of pipe turned out by our plant, from one end to the other, from large to small, has led to building the Nardei team's fine reputation.

Nardei...people who enjoy what they do: prefabrication of industrial piping.

Nardei Prefabrication. Quality... Service

Each of our projects is carried out following all standard requirements set down by our industry, and are submitted to complete inspections and tests.

The Nardei Objective is

This motto also means reliable and efficient service for our customers. Because we are experts at what we do, we can assist you, advise you, simplify matters, and save you from needless expense. What you do is important...Join those who recognize this fact: Nardei

Nardei can perform every phase in the prefabrication of industrial piping; including welding, threading, cutting, beveling, grooving, and assembling. We work with carbon steel, chrome moly alloy, stainless steel and aluminum. What you do is important...Join those who recognize this fact: Nardei